Hi. We’re Thinkmojo

We help some of the world’s most innovative brands tell their stories and connect to their audiences through video.

Creating value for our partners since 2011

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s most important brands… and we’re just getting started.

We believe video is the body language of brands

Modern-day video doesn’t just represent your brand. It is your brand. It’s how people experience it, how they come to feel about it. Our approach is rooted in that belief and we’ve developed a whole framework, called VX, around it.

Built on trust

Our values exist to remind ourselves of what’s important to us and to continuously raise the bar – for ourselves and our clients.

Keep it simple

We help crystalize and boil down complex products and technologies into unforgettabe experiences.


We strive to create experiences that are straightforward yet project warmth and personality.

Do it with intention

Everything we undertake is done with purpose and intention. We trust in every partner we bring on and every project we get to create.

Stay curious

We challenge ourselves and our partners to stay curious. It does wonders.

People first

We’re artists, writers, producers, entrepreneurs, friends, parents, and dedicated professionals. We’ve won awards for our work, but that’s not why we do it. Here’s what we look like and where we work from.

Office Locations.

Thinkmojo is made up of creative specialists spread across the globe. We maintain our offices in San Francisco, California and Montreal, Canada.

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