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A fresher approach to finance.

Current is a debit card for teens. Pretty straightforward, right? Except… it’s not. That’s because teenagers hate being sold to. They think most finance ads are cheesy and stupid. So in order to reach them, we needed to reimagine the finance ad – making it younger, hipper, more authentic.

Tell every side of the story.

Current appeals to different people for different reasons. Some parents like it because it teaches their kids financial responsibility. Others like it because it gives them peace of mind. And the teens? Don’t get us started about the teens. But we couldn’t play to all these angles in one 30-second spot, so we used each video to personify each demographic – all within the same interconnected story




“Every great ad tells a story. But if you want a great ad campaign, you’ve got to tell that story from all different angles . That’s exactly what we did for Current.

Brendan Carty
Content Director, Thinkmojo

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