Google Fiber

It’s been around for years. But we helped bring it to the masses.

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Four videos to launch Fiber across Amerca.

Google Fiber has been around for years, but they were about to launch in a bunch of new markets and needed some help generating buzz. We created a game plan for four animated videos – one for each of their three messaging pillars (fairer, faster, better), and another one to jumpstart the campaign. It was on.


“This is our way of contributing to a more connected world while making a tangible difference.”

Sebastien Lhomme
Creative Director, Thinkmojo

Location, location, location.

We localized the videos for every city where Fiber was launching. So Nashville’s version had to be specific for Nashville. Louisville – the same thing. To solve this, we used kinetic typography that could be swapped out depending on where it was viewed, ensuring that everyone saw the version that was designed for their location. Big strategic win for Google.

Helping Google reach their goal.

By the end of their launch period, Google Fiber had surpassed their target enrollment by +47%. Maybe from now on, we can turn “Thinkmojo” into a verb, just like “Google”. “We need a killer launch video, what should we do?” “Thinkmojo it!” We can dream.

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