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Launching a binge-worthy video series.

We were blushing when InVision reached out after resonating with our seminal piece on Viewer Experience. We decided we really, really liked each other and we wanted to do something special. Weeks later we were creating a multi-episode, binge-worthy series to accompany InVision’s new Design Insight initiative.


Delight with animation.

We all huddled together in a warehouse that we had commandeered and assigned as our production studio. It was magic, we got deep and asked questions that gave us a true insight into how these amazing artists work. After our live-action filming was complete, now it was time to add animation that helped tell our story but still stay on brand. Enjoy.

Making designers tick.

The series wasn’ enough. We also wanted to create short-form experiences that let the brand come to life with video. So we crafted a series of social media animations that allowed our audience to identify, to truly feel understood by Invision. The campaign presented common misconceptions, red flags, or pain points felt by everyone that has found their talents or promise compromised.






Lit up social.

The series launched in coordination with InVision’s editorial team and worked to empower designers across creative communities.


“This was such a fun collaboration. Thinkmojo was the perfect team to a launch community initiative with design at its heart.”

Kristin Hillery
Editorial Director

“What a blast to hang out on the set with fellow designers that are crazy talented and so invested in building a thriving creative community.”

Andrew Morrison
Head of Strategy

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Retail needed it, but it didn’t know it needed it. So we stepped in.

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