Launching Matter into the stratosphere.

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Difining a brand.

Like most emerging brands, Matter had a challenge – how to generate short-term interest while establishing their branding for future success. This is a big one. Because if they make their first splash with a brand voice that doesn’t reflect who they are, they could paint themselves into a corner that would be hard to get out of. That’s where we came in.

“We knew after our first meeting (that) we had landed a dream team. They exceeded expectations throughout the entirety of our project.”

Mark Reisen
Founding Designer, Matter

The strategy.

Matter had a killer product. They just needed to find the right story – something with a unique aesthetic and an authentic human touch. So instead of creating a ho-hum product video, we went further, developing an immersive storyline with an eye-popping aesthetic, along with attention-grabbing GIFs for their Product Hunt campaign.

Creating Matter’s visual story.

Matter helps people become the best versions of themselves. But how do you tell that story in 90 seconds? After some (read: much) debate, we went for a futuristic twist on the hero’s journey, where the main character fulfills their lifelong dream – all thanks to Matter. From a creative standpoint, we had a couple of challenges. Number one: what “dream” do we choose for the hero?

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