Hyper-converged infrastructure, hyper-explained.

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Making cloud infrastructure look easy.

Nutanix makes datacenter infrastructure and clouds invisible. And they needed help making that story very visible. So we created a video that could explain the technical, complex, and sometimes dry subject matter in a way that is both elegant and easy to understand for anyone.

“At the end of the day, this is about modernizing the Nutanix brand and making its virtualization technology very approachable.

Seb Lhomme

Creative Director, Thinkmojo

Providing Nutanix with its own Motion System.

We developed a whole motion system that incorporates various rules and guidelines of how the brand works with movement. These guidelines highlight and define the recommended transitions, animation style, speed and pacing, sonic brand, and even live-action components. Ultimately, this is a smart framework that helps build a foundation for future Nutanix video projects and scale production while still maintaining a cohesive viewer experience across the brand.

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Retail needed it, but it didn’t know it needed it. So we stepped in.

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