The product was amazing. But people didn’t get it. That’s where we came in.

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Explaining Slack to Millions.

When the world’s hottest startup needs your help, you put down your coffee and grab your superhero stuff.


Slack had a problem.

After talking to a bunch of users, Slack kept hearing the same question: “How is this fun chat platform actually going to help my team?” Turns out, they had all these users, but few of them understood how to get the most out of the product. It’s like they’d built a Porsche but everyone was still driving it in first gear. So they came to us.


“It’s been exciting to see the view count grow while audience retention remains high throughout the video.”

Mari Ju
Marketing, Slack

UI videos that people actually want to watch.

Our solution was to create a unique, engaging video series that mirrors the user experience, showing people all the wonderful ways that Slack can help their team. This was deceptively challenging because quite frankly, most UI videos suck. They’re slow. They’re boring. They feel like school. To avoid this, we steered away from instructional content and focused instead on strategic narratives – why to use a feature versus simply how. It made a big difference. And viewers agreed.


Engagement soared.

The videos racked up millions of views, with an unusual amount of viewers watching the entire thing – rare for any product video. Meanwhile, Slack was booming – going from a few hundred thousand users to millions of them and a whopping $8.3 billion dollars valuation today. We were glad to be a part of the journey.


“With millions of plays and a solid engagement rate, something’s clearly working.”

Meryl Ayres

Marketing, Wistia

You guys sock!

It’s not all about work. It’s also about enjoying the process and taking the time to know your teammates.

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